About Us

Our passion for marketing and networking these fine products, which are deeply connected to our cultural heritages and wonderful traditions, led us to establish this corporation in 2004. Our first year was spent in research and the development of our legal licensures and corporate infrastructure with staff and contracted services. Casa De Vinos allows us to introduce the finest international wine products to different venues, (hotels, restaurants, catering establishments, retailers, clubs/bars etc.) starting in New York and extending to all of the United States, U.S. Territories, Puerto Rico and eventually to the global market.

Our blend of grapes are vinified as white wine: cold-fermented without the skin to maintain fruitiness. This semi-dry, light pink wine  has a fruity aroma, is well balanced, with a pleasant finish. Excellent as a cocktail or wine with any meal.

We take great great personal and professional pride empowering those who can enjoy the privileges of fine wines, to live the dream with us as we server this industry, and grow in this international endeavor that is rich in culture significance and opportunity.